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Japan Processors

We present the following products catalog to inform our customers a general idea of the products we manage. We produce under our products under high quality standards to meet customer requirements and focus on timely delivery to accomplish complete satisfaction.


We have what you need, we can develop products based on your specific needs. We offer a complete service from production to delivery to your facilities or most convenient warehouse.

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Customer service & information

We maintain constant communication through our staff with our customers, we look forward for your inquiries regarding new products, transit time or any other additional information.

We offer personalized tours through our facilities in case is requested.

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Storage capacity

We have ideal infrastructure to keep product safe and in optimal condition until is loading.


Norson is considered one of the biggest exporter in Mexico. We develop products based on specific needs and offer and integrated logistics service to our customers.

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Ground transportation

Solid relationship with shipping lines to secure equipment.

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Marine transport

We can offer weekly shipments from our ports to destination.

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Packing type

Based on customer needs we can develop packaging labels and search for useful bags for distribution or sales.

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Cold storage

We operate a cold storage that allows to keep product in an ideal frozen condition.